“Good Cause Statement” Writing Service


Many residents delay applying for their CCW because they’re not sure what to write in their Good Cause Statement. They’re not sure what to say, or sometimes feel they don’t have a cause that’s “good enough”. We solve that problem by asking the right questions and organizing your information into a cohesive, coherent Good Cause Statement you can use when applying for your CCW Permit.



Need a little help organizing your thoughts into a cohesive, coherent “Good Cause Statement”? We’ve crafted the perfect solution for you. Our Good Cause Statement Brief takes in your pertinent information, and we format it in a way that clearly explains why you should be issued a CCW Permit. If you’re feeling a little unsure about how to write your Good Cause Statement, this is the answer.

DISCLAIMER: While our service will absolutely improve the clarity of your Good Cause Statement, agencies issue CCW Permits at their sole discretion. They choose to issue based on numerous factors, including your background check. We do not guarantee your application will be approved.

We only use the information you provide. We do not add to the information in any way. Our intake-brief is carefully crafted to ask questions in a manner that applies to your Good Cause Statement. By purchasing this product, you agree to provide truthful and accurate information.


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